Miranda is the oldest of 12 children. She has been raised on a farm her entire life. She has a love for the country and outdoors. Miranda is not afraid of getting dirty and getting the job done on the farm. She has a love for animals and gardening.

Miranda found the country man of her dreams in 2015, who has helped and supported her in her dreams and goals. Miranda and her husband David raise their kids on a farm in Erda. Through raising animals and gardening, Miranda has grown a large knowledge of the ways and the importance that food has for everyone’s bodies.

Miranda loves to bring the community together and has been growing the Benson Grist Mill Farmers Market for the past 2 years. Miranda has been growing and turning the Benson Grist Mills Farmers Market into a family event that happens every Saturday. Miranda brings quality produce and grass fed beef to the community.

Miranda Smith


Our History

Hideout Farm and Ranch is ran by a mother and daughter team that started the business to help offset finances with their husbands being police officers.

Hideout Farm and Ranch was first ran by Shawnya Wayman, who started gardening to help feed her large family of 12 children. She learned to bottle food and make things from scratch, in the process she found a love for it. She took that love of gardening and turned it into a small business to supplement income.

She started selling at the Benson Gristmill around 2010 with Walt Barlow, who was running the market at the time. There was only 3 steady vendors, some would come and go over the years. Sadly Walt Barlow passed away in 2020 with Shawnya taking over the Farmers Market.

Shawnya’s oldest daughter Miranda started helping run the market and growing produce in the spring of 2021. With Miranda growing up by her mom’s side, growing produce, and her knowledge of business, she has been able to grow the Benson Grist Mills Farmers Market to 17 full time vendors and 10 part time vendors.

Miranda’s hard work and dedication has grown the market from 3 vendors to 27 vendors in just 2 seasons. We are excited to grow the market over the coming years and hope it will be an exciting family event every Saturday during the growing season for all ages.